Many of our loans come from a valued network of referring broker partners. By referring your turn downs and other hard-to-place loans, Accelerated Lending Group can provide you and your clients with the funding options needed and you as the referring broker can earn a referring broker fee in the process. With Accelerated Lending Group, you always keep your client, and you get paid on every loan to a client that you bring to us. * 

A loan package referred to us should typically include the following: 

  1. Executive Summary / Loan Scenario Click Here 

  1. Completed 1003/1008 

  1. Credit Report 

  1. Preliminary Title Report 

We can generally give you a verbal indication of interest, within a very short period (sometimes at the initial call).*  

Unlike other private money lenders, we will not force you to fill out a bunch of forms for the privilege of sharing your client and doing business with us.  We value your time, and we make the referral process clean and easy. 

Accelerated Lending Group private money programs focus on these three key items: 

  1. The as-is equity in each property*

  1. The ability of the borrower to service the new loan*

  1. The borrowers’ exit strategy (how will they repay the loan?)* 

Accelerated Lending Group will consider the following loans to individuals and companies: 

  1. Equity cash out* 

  1. Refinance* 

  1. Acquisition* 

  1. Construction, remodeling, rehabilitation (No ARV loans).* 

  1. Residential, Commercial, Special Purpose, Ag Land and Vacant Land* 

  2. Property Types We Lend On Click Here 
Accelerated Lending Group will not waste your time.  If we are unable to help your client, we will gladly refer you to a private lender who may.  

Make Accelerated Lending Group your first call!

 *Subject to RESPA guidelines for activities regulating referring broker commissions. All referring brokers must have proper licensing to receive broker/referral fees. No exceptions.*

*Disclaimer: All loans are subject to the marketability, quality & condition of the subject property for approval. The programs advertised are not a commitment or guarantee from Accelerated Lending Group to lend. Programs, rates, and other terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. *  

*Upon receipt, the file will be reviewed and any missing items will be requested.  Incomplete files will not be submitted for approval. *Once the file is approved, An updated conditions list will be emailed with any outstanding conditions. Our approval is subject to the information presented on the Initial submission. Should the final package be different than the Initial submission, your loan terms, rate, and approval might differ.*

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